Sticker Scans

Marc Liu
Gabi Restrepo

The Marriage Pact sticker library was designed to match our brand typography, colors, and voice. We continuously expand it to convey emotions and feelings that words don’t quite express. They’re used alone or collaged on word and image.
Relationship of our brand stickers with brand font, Sharp Grotesk 

In process, scanning stickers for visual library 

As the Marriage Pact brand evolved, we developed sticker scans to convey even more emotion and texture—removing the vectored stickers from the digital space and bringing them into the physical world.

Samples of sticker scan patterns

The scans are tangible and have real world movement and folds—moved five different ways, one sticker design can carry five different meanings. The noise and movement create a sense of intrigue, and our visual library can be expanded exponentially with different scans.
Using sticker scans in social posts

Sticker scans featured in the design of 2023 Campus Report

Scanned stickers featured in a Marriage Pact blog graphic

Scanned stickers featured in instagram stories